The Infinity Call is a subscription-based, guided, daily meditation service dedicated to healing the lives of all those around the world who identify as women by reconnecting them and their identities to the earth.
Feminine meditation created for women to awaken, heal, and step into their power.

Kelly Morris

If you’ve found your way here, in the midst of this extraordinary time, it is meant to be. 

This divine feminine meditation will ground you and create peace inside you. This is The Infinity Call, a place where women gather daily to awaken, heal, and step into their power.


What is the infinity call?

Empowering Female-focused guided Meditation

Empowering women-led, and women-focused guided meditation,  created and led by world-renowned meditation coach Kelly Morris, The Infinity Call is a subscription-based women’s guided meditation practice, offered daily.


Guided Meditation

21 minute guided meditation.


Meditation is followed by a talk

1:1 with Kelly

Introductory 30 min. call with Kelly

Kelly Morris decodes the treasures that are hidden in our journeys and helps us understand our place in time and space. She is the wisest, funniest, most soulful friend you will ever pay to have–and you’ll be glad you did!

Michelle Williams

Oscar-nominated Actress


The Infinity Call featured in MBG magazine


Whether teaching thousands or one-on-one, Kelly is driven by her firm belief that when women heal themselves, they heal the world.

A legendary luminary and respected disruptor in global wellness, Kelly Morris is a:

  • Celebrated meditation coach
  • Yoga instructor
  • Gifted mystic of the Sacred Feminine
Kelly Morris, the Infinity Call
Start Your Divine Feminine Journey and Connect With Women from Around the World