SAMHAIN Medicinal Mist

SAMHAIN Gaelic for “Summer’s End.” Standard Irish pronunciation is “sow-in” with the “ow” like in “cow”: A medicinal mist from the Mother, gathered in the hills and mountains of Santa Fe, NM.

CHYRSOTHAMNUS/CHAMISA: This brilliant, wild, yellow smokebush called out to Kelly again again and is one of her favorite plant allys. CHAMISA grants the ability to focus while being aware of the periphery (key as women in patriarchy), ousts evil spirits, protects from nightmares, dispels mental fuzziness and promotes a mobile state of mind. It is a ‘chipper’ energy.

VERBASCUM/MULLIEN: Another holy plant Kelly heard from again and again doing ceremony with the land. MULLIEN discharges chronic sadness, strengthens one’s conscience + ability to heed it, balances wayward feminine + masculine energies, generates inner coherence, resets the aura, encourages self-reliance and wards off dark spirits.

JUNIPER COMMUNIS : Dark, tenacious, wrathful, JUNIPER blesses with hope in dark times + helps with the hardest inner growth work, calms the nerves + thus all other systems, purifies and creates heat.



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‚ÄčKelly is instructed by Gaia to make these mists. While in the mountains of Santa Fe, various holy plant/beings ask to be included. They are not ‘perfumes’. She makes no claims as to their powers. You may use them to remember the Mother, to remember yourself and where you come from: Her. Kelly uses them all day.
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