YUCCA GLAUCA: A self-partnering plant, like the Amazon women of one breast. Her roots can extend 30 feet into the Mother and she has a tough, sword-like rosette of leaves with tall, terminal, clusters of large, waxy, white-ish flowers. The YUCCA comes with its own moth.

The Tegeticula is a laser-focused aphid that lives for only one day but carries the responsibility of the life of the YUCCA on her wings. On this momentous day, the Tegeticula emerges, divines a seperate open flower + floats in, placing the precious egg inside. She then flies out + takes her last breath. The egg stays inside the YUCCA for a year, until the plant opens once again and the intimate, ancient process begins again. Neither the moth nor the plant can survive without the other.

In Winter, the Mother appears dead. The land is still, quiet and cold. If we are wise, we honor the call to go within. We self-partner. We protect our ‘virginity’, in the original meaning of the word: we are beholden to no man. We are beholden to the Mother.


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​Kelly is instructed by Gaia to make these mists. While in the mountains of Santa Fe, various holy plant/beings ask to be included. They are not ‘perfumes’. She makes no claims as to their powers. You may use them to remember the Mother, to remember yourself and where you come from: Her. Kelly uses them all day.
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