Coveteur Kelly Morris

MEET DVF & MICHELLE WILLIAMS’ MEDITATION GURU Kelly Morris talks eating to look younger, the art of the full-til’-noon breakfast & all things wellness. Meditation is a practice that’s infamously difficult to nail: all those who have cycled through countless apps or fallen asleep on yoga mats in attempts to pursue it, please raise your …

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a moment with kelly morris

Live The Process

Kelly Morris knows that meditation can save the world. She just needs everyone to get on board. The true believer first happened upon yoga accidentally, when a boyfriend dragged her to class. She realized immediately that she’d stumbled onto something giant and she committed herself entirely. It was just after the tragedy of 9-11, when Morris was …

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Kelly Morris Spills the Divine Secrets of Meditation

If there’s anyone to jump-start that meditation practice you’ve been meaning to begin, it’s Kelly Morris. With a cultlike status in the worlds of yoga and meditation, Kelly has taught everyone from Russell Simmons to Michelle Williams, not to mention crowds of thousands. These days she does private meditation instruction and coaching in her luminous Brooklyn …

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