Welcome Daughters of the Earth + Sky.

This is how it begins.

Every morning.

We return to the Forest. And to ourselves.

We root down into the Earth and grow up to the Moon.

As individuals and as a collective, we come together as a force and an awakening.

Daily and in real time we are present for ourselves and each other.

We do this because the world as we have known it, is collapsing. Thousands of years of our oppression at the hands of a patriarchal culture is starting to end.

The jig is, at last, up and…


…Goddess is calling you.

Are you ready to hear Her?

Root, grow, heal.

Connect to the Her and to each other.

To what’s real and alive and true.

With perseverance and a return to the natural world, you will heal. You will feel centered and restored, balanced and present. You will find yourself…Whole.


This why the Call happens LIVE.

In the real, actual, present moment.

7 AM PST, M-F. From the comfort of your own home as we gather deep in the Forest as our forbearers did, under the quiet wisdom of the Moon.

We experience the shamanic understanding of Self supported by Buddhist methods of presence and mindfulness.

As a Daughter of the Earth + Sky, you will restore the inner temple that is your original Self.

You will return to that original Self, unbound by culture, freed of all artifice.

You will return to…your Self.



Who is Kelly Morris?

Kelly Morris is one of the most powerful meditation teachers in the world.
Globally recognized with 25 years of experience, she has created The Infinity Call to be the only meditation experience of its kind. Her central understanding is that as women heal themselves, they heal the world.

Kelly has guided thousands to the forest of the inner self with her unique ability to bring the truths of meditation and the cosmos. Her life is dedicated to helping women everywhere understand, realize and remember their own intrinsic holiness through deliberate relationship with the Divine Feminine.

The Infinity Call has been featured in the WSJ, InStyle, One Kings Lane and The Coveteur