a moment with kelly morris

Live The Process

Kelly Morris knows that meditation can save the world. She just needs everyone to get on board.

The true believer first happened upon yoga accidentally, when a boyfriend dragged her to class. She realized immediately that she’d stumbled onto something giant and she committed herself entirely.

It was just after the tragedy of 9-11, when Morris was profiled as the cover story by New York Magazine, that the world’s relationship to yoga shifted, and she began to realize her potential to affect change on a greater level. Since then, the yogi, meditation teacher and energy coach has been initiated by every guru from Amma to Satchidananda, and founded the lauded Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training Program. She is regularly tapped for speaking and teaching engagements and offers private Find Your Infinity coaching sessions, as well. Most recently, The Parrish Museum chose Morris to lead one of their coveted Friday Night Series events this summer (on August 21st, 2015 in the Hamptons).

Here, Morris describes why hearing your own unimpeded voice is so rare and precious:

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