Kelly Morris Spills the Divine Secrets of Meditation

If there’s anyone to jump-start that meditation practice you’ve been meaning to begin, it’s Kelly Morris. With a cultlike status in the worlds of yoga and meditation, Kelly has taught everyone from Russell Simmons to Michelle Williams, not to mention crowds of thousands. These days she does private meditation instruction and coaching in her luminous Brooklyn apartment (and hits her many Instagram followers with daily inspiration).

In case you haven’t heard, meditation has gone mainstream. Every new study seems to turn up fresh evidence that it can amp up productivity, lift depression, help us sleep—in short, transform our lives. Meanwhile, apps like Headspace are popping up to help squeeze the age-old Eastern practice into our busy Western lives.

I’d been meaning—for years—to start meditating. I’ve dabbled a bit: an afternoon workshop in the Costa Rican jungle, an exalted moment on Ojai’s Meditation Mount. But I’ve always heard a regular, unglamorous practice is where the magic happens. My goal was to find something to help me hush daily anxieties and stop stress-eating mochi ice cream. Most of all, I wanted to carve out that time just for me, every day—beyond the occasional pedicure or a postwork glass of pinot noir—and I loved that meditation could be done at home with minimal fuss (and for free). What I needed was a jump-start, which is how I found myself a few weeks ago climbing the stairs to Kelly Morris’s apartment.


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